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zenschool Kansai

Recruiting for the 3rd term (4 people)


zenschool Kansai Master

Shigeyuki Okuma
Shigeyuki  Okuma
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Representative Director of Okuma Kouri Co., Ltd.

zenschool 16th gen

Entered the factory as a painter at the age of 18, and in 2000, in the field of independent parts painting, started new business formats such as "quick time coating" and "parts painting consultant" that sell services. Manufactures and sells new products such as "toilet lever cover" and "smartphone cover" that use paint. We have also developed a "Warren Coat" that can be applied to difficult-to-adhere materials such as silicone rubber.
In a new field, we will develop a low-cost remodeling "Room Refin" specializing in rental housing, and at the same time hold a "Room Refine School" to produce about 200 graduates. After that, the vacant house was regenerated and converted into a rental house, "old house regeneration" was developed, and the vacant house regeneration record exceeds 350 units. In 2015, he launched the National Council for the Promotion of Regeneration of Old Houses, increasing the number of "regeneration of old houses" nationwide, and is doing business to eliminate vacant houses nationwide.
Currently, he manages five companies: manufacturing, construction, real estate, and education franchise.

Murakami  Hajime
Hajime  Murakami
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Representative Director of SOU Corporation

zenschool 19th gen

As a pioneer of Japanese internet business, especially B2B and EC, he has pioneered a new way to utilize the Internet in small and medium-sized manufacturing industries.
In 1997, became a WEB master of the town factory, and in 1999, opened Magnet World. At that time, it was the only manufacturing industry to win the Nikkei EC Grand Prix, demonstrating that small and medium-sized manufacturing industries can succeed online.

WEB marketing seminars based on practical experience have been well received all over the country, and have been held more than 1000 times in 16 years.

In 2016, Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing Co., Ltd. published "A profitable web branding textbook for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies where you can always find your own market."

Schedule / tuition fee



After the three applicants have been confirmed, we will adjust and decide the schedule of the course.
​ * This is a 6-month program . 1-day intensive lecture (2 nights and 1 day including accommodation the night before and accommodation on the last day)
It will be a follow-up program for the subsequent practice.

Tuition fee

After the course schedule is confirmed, a cancellation fee will be charged, so please be sure to check the cancellation policy before applying.
​ You can also choose installment payment.
  • Split: 23,382 yen / month (excluding tax) x 12 payments
  • One-time invoice payment: 280,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Credit card: 270,000 yen (excluding tax)
* VISA, MasterCard, Rakuten JCB




Higashi Osaka Smile Hall (in front of Creation Core: 5 minutes walk from Aramoto Station) 4-3-18 Aramotonishi, Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 577-0024



Pre (the day before)

  • ​Check-in (16:00)
  • Preliminary questionnaire
  • Overview of True Innovation
  • Team building (happiness x eating work-dialogue)
  • Supper (19: 30-22: 00)

DOJO (Intensive Lecture)

  • Mindful meditation
  • Exciting Treasure Hunting Chart-Dialogue
  • lunch
  • Business Story :, Storyboard, Press Release
  • Business plan template explanation


Presentation time is 10 minutes + Q & A 10 minutes. Unlike a normal business plan contest, you can gather people who sympathize with the business on the spot, do team building, and take "temporary orders" from participants for products and services that you are immediately interested in on the spot. We have prepared a mechanism like this.
In addition, we ask all participants to sign a confidentiality oath so that their intellectual property will not be leaked to the outside.

follow up

Follow-up will start immediately after the recital. For the next 6 months, we will follow up on the progress of the business online or at the enmono Kamakura head office using zoom for about 1 hour every month.
During this follow-up period, some graduates can significantly pivot their business or earn a budget to grow significantly.
In the actual commercialization, we also have you appear in owned media operated by our company as promotion support.
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121st MMS (from dialogue)
enmono  Did you have any problems as a company because you contacted us?
Kajikawa      There are a lot of challenges, but I went through another well-behaved seminar, and I didn't know what to do, but I couldn't see the next development, so it was just an experience. So I said, "I will participate" because it's okay if it doesn't work.
Fujita Corporation
Representative Director Kajikawa  Takako
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In 2012, the town factory succeeded in Japan's first crowdfunding project, and the iPhone Trick Cover produced by the project has since been sold all over the world.
By acquiring the know-how of product development, he challenged the development of medical products and launched the 2019 wearable chair "archelis".
Nittou Co., Ltd.
Hideyuki Fujisawa, Representative Director
MMS161 東山さん318x369.jpg
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I didn't want to take zenschool to create my own products because I had been running a town factory for many years and produced my own products, but the concept of zenschool is, "I don't tell you the answer = an opportunity to notice yourself. Knowing that I wouldn't take it away, I decided to take the opportunity to hold zenschool in Kansai in 2017.
After taking the course, I decided to take this opportunity to open a membership-based snack that I wanted to try someday in parallel with the management of the town factory .
Estro Lab Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kako Higashiyama
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