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A zenschool graduate with a common OS called micro-manufacturing installed

​Over 170 students

List of students (total: 178)

​(As of March 2020)
◆ Tokyo version: 1st to 22nd: 87 people
◆ Corporate version: Fujitsu: 4 people
◆ Tonomachi (Keio) 1st-6th: 28 people
◆ Local version
Toyota City 1st-6th: 22 people
Toyama 1st-4th: 14 people
Kansai 1st and 2nd term: 10 people
Kamakura A 1st-5th: 13 people

Global zenschool student network

Those who take zenschool are spread not only in the Kanto area but also in various places.
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