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Exciting Treasure Hunting Chart

​Thinking method using mindfulness meditation (exciting treasure hunting chart)

What is the exciting treasure hunting chart?

Creating new businesses in "zenschool (micro-manufacturing course)"

With the tools created in the process, we have created many new businesses so far.

It is a very simple and powerful tool that we have created.


Humans have an inherently "exciting" mind.

In the business that presupposes upward-sloping economic growth so far,

Making your business "exciting" is a kind of taboo

Has been done.


Because it's easier to understand than working on the excitement of an individual individual

The company as a whole built manufacturing and services to meet the needs.

It was more efficient, the product could be produced, and it led to big sales.



Pursuing the "excitement" that each individual feels is an area of hobby.

I was forced into a different category than business.

However, the flow of the world economy is changing, especially in developed countries such as Japan, where "goods" and "services" are abundant.

Until now, the systematic production and sale of products and services planned or planned by some "smart" people is less likely to lead to innovative products and services, resulting in business success. It is becoming difficult to connect to.


Rather, such a method of product development is unknowingly produced by engineers / developers who are struggling with delivery dates and budgets under extremely strong pressure within a large organization called a "company". In the meantime, it became a product that contained a negative aura of "unpleasant". I think this is the main reason why the Japanese manufacturing industry cannot produce wonderful products with an "exciting" aura.

By commercializing what each individual is truly "excited" with their own technology or their own technology, we can develop sustainable products that can be passionate about all the time. .. That is the secret of the "exciting treasure hunting chart".

Exciting leisure hunting gucharts are very simple.


This is an incredibly simple chart that produces great products and services.

Tips on how to write a chart

  ● First of all, write down your excitement, hobbies, etc. on sticky notes on the left side. (The number is not limited)

● Narrow down to the top 3 from the excitement you wrote out

● The true "excitement" is your own "cry of heart" that is so passionate that no matter who stops it, you cannot stop it.

● If you can't take it out well, remember what you were excited about during the summer vacation when you were 10 years old.

● With the above in mind, consider whether the excitement you wrote out is "excited" or "excited", and check again. And leave only the real excitement.

● Next, write down the technologies and skills that your company has or that you have. (The number is not limited)

● Next, narrow down to the top three from them.

● Write down the technologies and skills narrowed down to three on the horizontal axis of the chart.

● Draw a horizontal line from the “excitement” you took out. Try to draw a line upward from your company, your skills, and your abilities.

● Multiple “intersections” are created between “excitement”, the technology of the company, and the skills of the company. Let's check the intersections one by one.

● Consider each product, service, and business created from each intersection. Instead of looking at the feasibility, let's check which point is the most exciting.

● Of the multiple intersections, the one that is most "exciting" for your heart is filled with your own products and the "treasure" that will become your business.

● Easily write down your company's products, services, and businesses that may be created from that intersection.

● When writing charts, we recommend handwriting with a brush pen or brush rather than a ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil.

​Mindful business case created using meditation

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