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​Basic menu

Basic: 2 hours / time x 2 times / month x 3 months Fee: 300,000 yen per month (excluding tax and transportation)
  1. In-house product development consulting

  2. New business planning consulting for large companies

  3. Cloud fund utilization consulting

  4. Production engineering consulting

  5. Procurement / purchasing consulting

  6. ​ Website construction

In-house product development consulting
New business planning consulting for large companies

It is extremely difficult for the manufacturing industry, which has been a subcontractor, to independently develop in-house products based on the experience of supporting them.

This is because we have to deal with a wide range of coordination such as product development ideas, product design, marketing, identification of mass-produced students, and market development within our own resources.

We have a track record of supporting the development of in-house products that can be done with the limited resources of the town factory, and those who are thinking of developing in-house products based on the concept of product development called "micro-manufacturing" should first contact each manufacturing industry. We will visit you and talk about the manufacturing equipment of each company and the thoughts of the managers, and then we will consult with you regarding consulting.

If you wish to develop your own products using crowdfunding, we can provide consulting based on many years of experience in using crowdfunding.

As a result of our consulting method, we have received high praise for the results that have produced many achievements, and have been adopted as new business development consulting for major companies.

Consulting achievements

  1. Company G (precision spring manufacturing): We had been planning various in-house products for 5 years, but when all of them stopped before commercialization, the president took the "Micro Manufacturing Management Innovation Course". , Produces an epoch-making adult-like metal spring block SpLink . Currently, the product has posted a project to our crowdfunding zenmono for the purpose of marketability and development financing, and is receiving funding and user feedback. View the developed product. → Metal spring block SPLINK that connects the world with excitement

  2. Company H (precision cutting): A manufacturer of precision machining that participated in the micro-manufacturing management innovation course as a managing director. Since he was originally a professional boxer and an active kickboxer, he developed a product that trains his own muscles. We are currently raising funds on our crowdfunding site. The project was completed beyond the target amount of 300,000 yen. See the developed in-house product. → Kawaii muscle training goods "Kurukuru Pump Up"

  3. Company N (die, sheet metal, press industry): User's reputation from the fact that the case development for iPhone, which was developed in-house and has an unprecedented concept, was uploaded to external media when considering commercialization. Gathered. After that, it was experimentally sold at the Design Festa booth that we exhibited. Preparing for mass production based on the reaction from users. With the support of our company, we provide consulting and execution on video composition, setting of consideration for patronage, press release, event planning for patronage, regarding development fund raising and customer acquisition using crowdfunding (campfire). In July 2012, we successfully acquired 1.31 million yen, which exceeded the target of 500,000 yen by crowdfunding, and finally succeeded in collecting donations of 230% of the target amount. This number ranked first in the product category of Campfire (as of August 15, 2012), and was broadcast on TV Tokyo and World Business Satellite as the first crowdfunding performer at the town factory, and the existing B2B The number of products sold, which was evaluated by customers for their ability to make proposals, exceeded initial expectations, and has achieved results such as receiving orders from Taiwan and Europe. In the 10th month, sales of in-house products reached 3 million yen per month. View the developed product. → Nunchaku iPhone cover "iPhone Trick Cover"

  4. Company K (board design company): A project in which a company with board design technology participates in the micro-manufacturing management innovation course and develops its own products. We announced a product concept that had never existed before at a business plan presentation, developed a prototype while involving external members, announced it at the Design Festa booth where we exhibited, and sold it. Unexpected products are sold out and get clues for sales. Since then, it has attracted attention in various media, and with that as an opportunity, he has also been working on new B2B. The prototype received our cloud fund utilization consulting, and in December 2012, we started raising funds and developing sales channels on the cloud funding site. It successfully exceeded the target amount of 400,000 yen and succeeded in raising 610,000 yen . The activity was also broadcast on TV Tokyo World Business Satellite and NHK, and in May 2013, full-scale sales began. View the developed product. → " Healing Leaf "

  5. Company T (Sheet Metal Can Industry): With a professor at an external design university graduate school as part of an in-house product development project at a town factory in Ota Ward, which has sheet metal can technology, in which the managing director participated in the micro-manufacturing management innovation course. With the cooperation of students of connecting and plastic design, we developed a simple design product, exhibited it at Dezafes, and actually sold it. With this as an opportunity, this small and medium-sized manufacturing industry has developed the "Open Factory 360", which opens the factory to the public, and has been effective as an internal revitalization and external PR. See the in-house event we developed → "360 ° Open Factory in Ota"

  6. Company M (Casting processing company): A post-processing company for castings using machining, in which officers participated in the micro-manufacturing management innovation course. In order to get rid of the subcontracting structure from a major manufacturer, we have developed high-class miscellaneous goods using traditional craft taste and our own manufacturing technology, which was planned in the micro-manufacturing management innovation course, and are currently completing prototypes and conducting test marketing. We are in the phase of considering full-scale manufacturing based on the results of test marketing.

  7. Case of Company K (Cosmetology and health related products): When a small and medium-sized enterprise that has developed products related to beauty and health is having trouble with mass production and sales in the future, please consult enmono. Was done. enmono fully supports branding, marketing, and sales strategies using the WEB, and although it is a product of 20,000 yen or more per product, it sells up to 100 units per month via Amazon. Since then, it has been featured on TV and various women's magazines as a completely made-in-Japan beauty product that differentiates it from cheap but poor quality Chinese products, and continues to sell.

  8. Company P's case (ultra-thin flat speaker): We have reached the prototype level, but we are worried about application development and consult with enmono. We are planning an application in consultation with the entrepreneurial community. At the same time, we applied for a subsidy for making prototypes with the support of enmono to improve the product, and it was decided to grant 80 million yen. Considering application development utilizing an external commercialization network. Negotiations are underway with financial institutions, VCs, foreign investors and overseas operating companies to raise additional funds.

  9. Case of Company E (health and hygiene related products): When a small and medium-sized enterprise that has developed products related to health and hygiene will mass-produce and sell them in the future, if there is no such system in the company and there is a problem, please contact enmono. I was consulted. enmono has provided human resources to build a mass production system, offered cooperation, and is currently in the process of commercialization.

  10. Company K's case (manufacturing of energy-saving industrial equipment): In order for a company that develops, manufactures and sells energy-saving heat pump technology that can effectively air-condition even in cold regions, and proceeds with business while preserving the developed technology. , We consulted with us about our patent strategy. We devised a patent strategy and helped with patent application. We also received a request to create technical illustrations as sales materials. Consultations are underway for full management support in the future.

  11. Case of Company N (Operating a portal site for the manufacturing industry): At NCN, which owns the largest company DB in the manufacturing industry and operates a portal site, inquiries about social media marketing have come from customers these days. .. Since 2008, enmono has made a trial and error to find out how to use Twitter and facebook, and has signed a consulting contract with N company to give advice on using Twitter and facebook.

  12. Company A (service site for the manufacturing industry): A "power generation meeting" was held for consulting on new planning of sites that develop services for the manufacturing industry on the Internet and in-house revitalization. However, we have succeeded in extracting ideas for new services through our consulting and are considering commercialization.

  13. Case study of The Graduate School for the Creation of Optical Industries (SNS, exchange meeting planning and management): In order to deepen exchanges among students of entrepreneurship courses that the university has opened, it was considered to open SNS and hold exchange meetings, but until now Hoping for the above activation, we consulted with enmono. enmono is revitalizing by operating management of SNS, attracting customers and planning and operating through the network of ennono for exchange meetings.

  14. Company Z case (Perfumer): I want to make a prototype, but I don't know what to do. After consulting with enmono, we are considering mechanical design and mass production in small quantities. We plan to introduce VC etc. as a cash flow response in the future.

  15. Company A's case (environmentally friendly toilet): We have developed an epoch-making, environmentally friendly toilet, and have reached the stage of prototype and medium mass production. Please consult with enmono without being able to do it. Introducing a sales specialist company as a sales channel expansion route. At the same time, we also introduced a VC specializing in manufacturing. When the financial system is established, we plan to help in the manufacturing part.

  16. Company T's case (effector BOX decoration): When I made my own effector BOX decoration, which is an accessory part of the guitar, and introduced it to my friends, I got a sales opportunity and planned to commercialize it. I was introduced to the Guarantee Association by the Chamber of Commerce and got a loan, but I couldn't find a contractor to do the actual decoration processing. We receive consultations there and act as an intermediary with processors.

  17. Case of Company M (OA equipment parts): When I was having trouble with the use of functional fibers newly developed by a textile raw material manufacturer, I got information from a technical consultant of an OA equipment manufacturer engineer that they could be used for OA equipment parts. .. Therefore, I decided to process functional fibers to make a prototype, but I didn't know the company that had the technology, so I selected a factory at enmono and made a prototype. It is currently being evaluated by an OA equipment manufacturer, but it is also developing sales to other manufacturers.

  18. Case of Company H (Medical device parts): A major medical device manufacturer was considering in-house production of parts for the heart of the device that had been procured from overseas. I had a consultation. enmono has selected a prototype cooperation factory, offered to cooperate, and is currently presenting the trial production cost.

  19. Case of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Government Office): The department that manages the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Hospital was leading the on-site improvement circle activities as part of cost reduction. However, it became necessary to produce machined parts based on the ideas obtained in the activity, but the method was unknown, so I consulted with enmono. Therefore, enmono explained the process of prototype development, gave an estimated development cost from the cooperating factory, and is currently acquiring the budget.

  20. Business support for welfare-related incorporated associations: Cooperation in creating business plans for welfare-related incorporated associations and support for PR activities using social media.

  21. Case of Company M (Foreign-affiliated hydraulic industrial equipment parts): A major foreign-affiliated industrial equipment parts manufacturer has developed new parts with the aim of receiving new orders. However, it was difficult to select a supplier because the processing field was different from that of conventional equipment parts. enmono has selected a prototype cooperation factory, offered to cooperate, and is currently presenting the trial production cost.

  22. Company M case (sheet metal processing parts): A small and medium-sized sheet metal processing manufacturer has developed simulation software for electrical designers using a subsidy. However, because it is a business different from the main business, it was difficult to grasp the market needs and it was a product that had never existed before, so there was a problem with PR to the market. enmono has received a market j survey and PR consultation, and is currently conducting a survey and PR content production.

  23. Company N case (mid-sized IT company): An IT company whose main business is contract development and dispatch of engineers of a major company, but the development of its own services was an issue. After about two years of consulting, we launched three services and commercialized them. Currently, we are also developing IOT products in collaboration with the manufacturing industry through our network.

  24. Major telecommunications company A: Four people from within the company participated in "zenschool for Innovation" as a plan to create a new business, and one of the participants planned a new business utilizing the company's management resources, just three months after the business plan. We have acquired an in-house budget and are proceeding toward commercialization. A one-year visit follow-up provides progress management and advice on future strategies.

  25. Major automobile-related parts manufacturer: A person in charge of business planning participates in the new product development innovation course zenschool, develops the plans currently taken out in-house, gains popularity, and is advancing to the stage of acquiring a budget as a new business.

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