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Metaverse experience meeting

(* Please note that the schedule may change in a hurry due to various circumstances.)

Enter the Metaverse "Spatial" and experience the Metaverse. If you need it, we will support you with zoom. Those who participated in the past meeting will experience 100% Metaverse.


* The content is the same each time, so please purchase only one day. Basically it is only once.

If you would like to experience Metaverse from now on, please apply. Since it is a meeting with practical support, the number of people is limited to 10.

In addition, you need to read the manual in advance and make advance preparations such as creating a Spatial account. (If you couldn't experience on the day due to lack of preparation, please join us again next time)


Experience pattern in Metaverse platform Spatial

Introducing Spatial

Spatial is an American app that is written in English, so it is hardly known in Japan, but for the past two years, nearly 20 types of Metaverse apps have been ranked top in our evaluation criteria. ..

Evaluation item

Sound quality, graphic quality of 3D space, measures against VR sickness, screen sharing function of PC, type of metaverse space, operation stability of application, original space creation function, number of participants

Spatial Operation Japanese Manual


​Lecturer introduction

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Koji Miki
  Kouji Miki
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Representative of enmono Co., Ltd.

He has a career of more than 20 years in developing new businesses for SMEs. After working at Fujitsu Limited, he graduated from Keio Graduate School with a doctoral degree credit, and has been a part-time lecturer at Mie University and a part-time lecturer at Kobe University Graduate School.

After working as an executive of an IT venture, he established enmono in 2009. After experiencing an unbalanced mind with his own restructuring, he started zazen at home and then recovered from the current company until it was founded.
Operated an innovation course " zenschool " specializing in new business development of small and medium-sized enterprises for 10 years, felt the limit of online facilitation only for zoom, and increased sales by making it a completely online seminar at Metaverse.

Since 2020, he has been studying facilitation in the Metaverse every day, accumulating know-how, and exploring the possibilities of the Metaverse. His books include " Let's Start Micro-Manufacturing " and " True Innovation that Changed Employee Awareness through" Zen-like "Dialogue" . Please see here for details of the career .

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Shigeru Utsunomiya
Shigeru Utsunomiya
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Representative of enmono Co., Ltd.

After graduating from Doshisha University, after 18 years of experience in production engineering at Suzuki Co., Ltd., after working as a production engineering section chief at the town factory, joined NC Network, a small and medium-sized manufacturing support venture, and met Miki. Therefore, he was engaged in sales support such as selection of prototype manufacturers and parts procurement as a manager in charge of production technology and procurement.

After that, in 2009, he started enmono Co., Ltd. with Miki. From the experience of holding the facilitation of the idea idea workshop 1-2 times a month for 2 years since 2010, he has an advantage in extracting ideas for in-house product development. In addition, he is good at finding what he really wants to do by using the questioning method that evolved "why-why analysis" cultivated in the manufacturing industry.

Since 2020, he has been studying facilitation in the Metaverse every day, accumulating know-how mainly related to technical support, and exploring the possibility of the Metaverse.


Dec 11 - Dec 17














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