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zenschool develops a person's " potential ".

In zenschool, True  Based on the Innovation® theory, we will discover the " potential " of the students through dialogue with the students. At the same time, work using mindfulness meditation takes out " intrinsic motivation" and multiplies "potential" x "intrinsic motivation" to extract the business concept.
Potential is your ability that you think is "no big deal". However, even if you think that it is "no big deal", it is an excellent ability from the perspective of the first edition. You can create real innovation by combining your abilities with what you really want to do.
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Mr. Nakajima of Dimon Co., Ltd., who was an automobile engineer, combined the intrinsic motive of wanting to "three-dimensional design ability" and "space development" as potential ability through attending zenschool, and the lunar exploration rover "YAOKI" Was born.


The world's first self-made, private-sector first lunar exploration in 2021
Lunar exploration rover "YAOKI"Click here for the development story.
Mr. Kajikawa of Fujita Corporation, who was the owner of the town factory, attended zenschool and remembered the "aesthetic sense" that he had sealed as the owner of the town factory in his work. Then, by taking out the intrinsic motivation of "a factory like a museum", we took out the FACTORY ART MUSEUM TOYAMA run by the mold factory.

A museum specializing in metal art operated by a mold factory in Toyama
Click here for the story that created Factory Art Museum TOYAMA.
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