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Q: What are the biggest benefits of taking zenschool?
A: zenschool is not a simple in-house product development seminar. Based on the idea of micro-manufacturing, we will carry out prototyping and in-house product development at the lowest possible cost, and by posting it on crowdfunding, we will promote our technology to the world, increase new orders and greatly expand our main business. The biggest merit is that we can reform the management of the entire company and reborn as a new business entity.
Alumni network that connects across regions and across the size of companies
In addition, zenschool has already expanded to Hamamatsu and Toyota City. It has also been introduced in large companies with more than 100,000 people. Therefore, zenschool graduates from all over the country can participate in each other's zenschool final presentations, so they can talk equally as alumni of the same zenschool with the same idea of "micro-manufacturing". You can connect beyond the boundaries of large companies and small and medium-sized companies.
Q: Is it possible to participate from outside of Tokyo?
A: Yes, of course you can participate. Participants from outside Tokyo so far. Osaka, Shizuoka, Saga, Fukui, Yamagata, Chiba, Kanagawa and so on. For participants from rural areas, the intensive lecture schedule will be held for two consecutive days, making it easier to participate. Even after graduation, we continue to maintain a network with non-local participants through zoom (online conference).
Q: Is zenschool held outside of Tokyo?
A: Yes, siblings of zenschool are held in various places. (Refer to the zenschool regional version page ) zenschool Kansai is held in Kansai, zenschool Toyama is held in Hokuriku, zenschool Tama is held in the Tama area, and zenschool Toyota City is held in Tokai. zenschool Kansai and zenschool Toyama are held locally by students who have graduated from zenschool, taking the zenschool master course and being in a position to teach zenschool. In addition, zenschool Toyota City is held as " zenschool in Toyota City " by the company that created zenschool, entrusted by Toyota City. However, it is held only 1-2 times a year, so if you want to take it immediately, please consider taking the Tokyo version of zenschool.
Q: I'm not a small business, can I take this course?
A: Yes, of course you can participate. Recently, the number of cases where new business managers of major companies take the course is increasing. The reason is that most business people in large companies complete communication internally and often have no external contact or network. Learning with the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises while accepting values that are completely different from those of the company often makes us aware of the importance of the management resources that the company has. Many graduates of large companies also improve their abilities after graduation and play an active role as innovators in large companies.
Q: What is the schedule of the course?
A: Regarding the course schedule, we will adjust your schedule after the three applicants are confirmed. Since it is held for two consecutive days, it is possible to reduce the number of times you go to Tokyo and reduce the burden of transportation expenses. Please apply first.
Q: I'm wondering whether to take zenschool, but what kind of background do I need to take?

A: There is no particular age, gender, profession, or skill to attend zenschool. There are also people in their 60s who have taken the course so far. In addition, there are various occupations such as smartphone application developers, SEs from major manufacturers, registered small business consultants, consultants, and small and medium-sized manufacturers.

It doesn't matter what your age or profession is to get the excitement in your heart. You need some skill to shape the excitement you got out, but you need to collaborate with your fellow students to solve it. I can. If you have any concerns about attending, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Q: What framework is the zenschool course content based on?
A: The zenschool course program is developed based on our own product development framework called "Micro Manufacturing", which develops our own products at the lowest possible cost. If you would like to know more about this micro-manufacturing, please access here. You can also purchase the book "Let's start making micro-manufacturing" , so please refer to it if you like. Micro-manufacturing is also adopted as a formal "new product development" corporate training program at SME colleges, which are public educational institutions for SMEs.
Q: Do you feel that the number of students each time is limited to 3 (5 for the local version)?
A: This course is limited to 3 participants each term. We limit the number of participants because we focus on getting the excitement out of the participants by spending enough time on each person. In addition, even after graduation, the three students will continue to take classes. By helping each other with the synchronization of the three people, we will create an environment where product development can be continued even after graduation.
Q: Can I learn not only manufacturing but also crowdfunding at zenschool?
A: Yes, zenschool can not only learn not only product development but also product planning, design method, business model, cost accounting, crowdfunding, prototype, and after graduation, it is operated by our company called zenmono . It is possible to post on crowdfunding and actually raise funds.
Q: Is it possible to do crowdfunding after graduating from zenschool?
A: At zenschool, you will not only do classroom lectures, but also make things through the network of graduates so far. After the prototype of manufacturing is completed, products that have reached a certain quality can be posted on crowdfunding.
Q: Will the product development ideas shared in zenschool be leaked?
A: Students enrolled in zenschool should sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent theft and leakage of other people's product ideas individually with us when taking the course for the first time. So don't worry.
Q: I am supposed to make a prototype at the time of announcement, but I can't because I'm not in the manufacturing industry.
A: I'm not a specialist in manufacturing, and I don't have to be able to make the final prototype myself. At the time of presentation, it is sufficient to have a functional prototype using paper clay or graph paper.

After graduating from full-scale development, we will introduce the network of graduates of the manufacturing industry, so we will collaborate with those manufacturing companies to create it. Of course, if you can make a prototype in the manufacturing industry, you can also make a presentation using a highly complete prototype.


If you have any other questions, please use the inquiry form .
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