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"What is the Metaverse?"
"What is real innovation?
I will give a lecture on.
In order to prevent infections such as the new coronavirus virus, we will respond by delivering to zoom from the online lecture using Zoom or from the metaverse space in case you can not gather at the physical venue. Also, if you wish, we can give a lecture directly in the Metaverse space, so please let us know your request.
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Enmono Co., Ltd.

Representative Director / Zen Innovator

Kouji Miki

Representative of enmono Co., Ltd.

Joined Fujitsu Limited. After earning a master's degree in policy and media from Keio University, he went on to a doctoral course, served as an IT venture officer, and was restructured due to business deterioration. I started zazen every morning to recover from the shock. Started offering "zenschool", an innovation management method that utilizes mindfulness, based on the experience of meditation for one's own mental care and ideas for new businesses through zazen. Reported in "The Dawn of Gaia" in January 2016. In September 2017, he presided over "Zen 2.0", Japan's first international mindfulness conference at Kenchoji Temple in Kita-Kamakura, and received high praise from domestic and foreign speakers. Initially launched by four people, "Zen 2.0" has grown into the world's largest international conference on Zen and mindfulness, connecting Amsterdam, Kamakura, and San Francisco, USA, in five years. Currently, he is working to make Kamakura a mindful city that combines Zen and IT.
From 2020, with the spread of the new corona infection, we started a new business course " zenschoolMetaverse " to think about new businesses of Metaverse in the Metaverse space, and we are working on building new businesses in the Metaverse.

* All of the lectures introduced on this page can be distributed online using Zoom's webinar function. You can participate on your PC or smartphone (up to 500 people)

In June 2018, the first single book "True Innovation" was published.

Lecture genre

  • Metaverse

  • Innovation

  • Manufacturing

  • Corporate transformation

  • Mindfulness

  • Zen

  • leadership

  • Tradition / Japanese culture

Specialized field

Metaverse / Innovation / Mindfulness / Zen / SME / In-house product development / Successor / New business / Town factory / Manufacturing industry

It is possible to support online lectures using Zoom's webinar function . You can participate from your PC or smartphone. (Up to 500 people). Click here for webinar.

​Lecture example


AIといきがい〜 「生成AI」1185兆円市場の可能性といきがい​〜

ジャンル: DX /生成AI /あたらしい働き方/テクノロジー

聴講対象者: 経営者 / 経営企画 /DX担当者 /人事担当者 





「やさしいメタバース : メタバースとはなにか?」

ジャンル: DX /メタバース / VR/AR/XR/あたらしい働き方/テクノロジー

聴講対象者: 経営者 / 経営企画 /DX担当者 /人事担当者 



Lecture example 0:

"Small and medium-sized enterprises with sites will make a leap by utilizing the Metaverse space."


Genre: SMEs / Metaverse / VR / AR / XR / New way of working / Technology

Attendance target: Manager / Corporate planning / DX staff / Personnel staff


Everything is leveled in the metaverse that is deployed in the space on the computer, and every user has the same avatar, and the service is deployed using the same metaverse space. Differentiation in the metaverse of such a digital space is expected to be difficult.

However, individuals, micro enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises who have actual sites that provide production and services and have special technologies and abilities can organically connect and communicate in the metaverse space to innovate. The potential for explosive growth, increased production efficiency and improved service is dramatically increased.

I would like to talk about the possibility of dramatically increasing the added value of small and medium-sized enterprises by digitizing and sharing on-site experience and know-how on the Metaverse.

Lecture example 1:

"What is" Metaverse "? Explore the potential of new businesses in the global "Metaverse" 900 trillion yen market. ~ From Metaverse History to Future Prospects ~ "


Genre: Metaverse / VR / AR / XR / New way of working / Technology

Attendance target: Manager / Corporate planning / DX staff / Personnel staff


While providing an easy-to-understand explanation of the historical background of the creation of the "Metaverse", elemental technologies, implementation in social systems, etc., while existing large companies and major companies are looking at the Metaverse, what kind of business ecosystem I will talk about whether it is possible to build it in an easy-to-understand manner based on the global Metaverse research case and the practical knowledge of planning a new business of Metaverse in Metaverse.

We use Metaverse to operate not only daily meetings but also dialogues with customers. Based on these practical knowledge, I will talk about how the world's business will change due to Metaverse in an easy-to-understand manner based on actual experience in VR.

Lecture example 3:

"What is true innovation?"-How to create innovation that is not confused by external information-


Genre: Innovation

Attendance: New business manager / general manager / officer / manager

Do you know what "real innovation" is?
It is not swayed by external information such as the latest technology, the latest business model, the latest design, but the memory and emotion-based technological innovations and new business models that are sleeping in themselves are " It's a real innovation. " This is because innovations created based on external information are influenced by the original products and services. The result is something that isn't as interesting as you've seen somewhere.

With the inspiration I got from zazen and meditation that I started with the restructuring I experienced, after eight years of trial and error, I have never seen or heard of a method to create a completely new business. I will tell you all. We would appreciate it if you could use it as a reference for your product development and business model construction.

Lecture example 2:

"How to effectively organize an organization in remote work"


Genre: Remote work / Telework / Innovation / Mindfulness / Zen

Audience: Corporate personnel staff / Corporate trainees / Chamber of Commerce staff / JC staff


How to organize an effective organization in remote work

Using the latest online tools such as Google, Slack, and Zoom for five years, in a place away from the city center of Kamakura, with 100 staff volunteers from not only the local area but also Tokyo and overseas, "Zen and Mindful" Based on the achievements of the "International Conference of Ness" three times, we will tell you how to proceed with work online, how to organize an organization, how to facilitate, etc. in an easy-to-understand manner.


Lecture example 4:

"Mindfulness of the whole city" About the efforts of Mindful City Kamakura in cooperation with temples and shrines


Genre: Regional revitalization / Collaboration with temples and shrines / Mindfulness / Innovation

Audience: Temples and shrines / administrative staff aiming for regional revitalization / town revitalization staff

Although work style reforms are being called for, many people continue to suffer from mental illness due to stressful workplaces and long working hours. There is no time when mental stability is required as much as it is now.

Traditionally, in Japan, temples and shrines have functioned as a place of consultation for those who have such "mental worries." In fact, there are 81,000 shrines and more than 77,000 temples in Japan. And those temples and shrines have become the spiritual pillars of important areas.

However, recently, it is said that the number is gradually decreasing due to the decrease in the number of people visiting those temples and shrines and the problem of maintenance costs.

Based on the experience of successfully hosting Japan's first international conference on Zen and mindfulness, "Zen 2.0," these temples and shrines were redefined as important regional resources, "for the purpose of mental stability." Kamakura is trying to redefine it as a source of "mindful business" as a possibility to create a new industry.

Then, in collaboration with local temples and shrines, efforts to create new industries in the region and new industries based on the heart, "Mindful City Kamakura" initiatives centered on "Mindful Business", and Here are some tips for regional revitalization in Japan in collaboration with local temples and shrines.


Impressions of those who listened to the lecture

(Excerpt from the voice of the participants)

Lecture results

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