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Japan's largest metaverse community

We are operating a community in which more than 4,500 people, one of the largest in Japan, participate in the facebook group. Information on Metaverse and sharing of know-how that we have tried are updated every day. Events related to the Metaverse are also held weekly, so you can get friends who are interested in the Metaverse.
​ Anyone can participate for free.
​Developed lunar exploration robot and contracted with NASA
The lunar rover YAOKI developed by the company founded by Mr. Shinichiro Nakajima, who graduated from zenschool, will carry out Japan's first lunar exploration in 2022 on the Astrobotic lunar module Peregrine. .. Raised a total of 100 million yen in sponsorship .
(*) Participated in NASA's monthly transportation mission CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services) for the first time in Japan.
(*) The YAOKI project has been adopted by TOSHIN Start Up Design and will be promoted in partnership with Toshin Seisakusho. Mr. Ishihara, CEO of Toshin Seisakusho, is also a graduate of zenschool, and the collaboration between the graduates led to such a feat.
​Moon exploration rover "YAOKI" video
Providing services to famous foreign-affiliated companies
​Zen Eating, which was founded by Momoe, who graduated from zenschool, provides services to people all over the world, including famous foreign-affiliated companies.
  ​ Click here for Zen Eating.
​The dialogue with Momoe who asked about his thoughts at zenschool is as follows
Interview video
​Raised 5.7 billion yen for flying car development
SKYDRIVE Inc. , which was founded by Tomohiro Fukuzawa, who graduated from zenschool, has raised a total of 5.7 billion yen for the development of "flying cars" and is working toward practical use.
  ​ Click here for SKYDRIVE Inc.
​The dialogue with Mr. Fukuzawa who asked about the development process and thoughts is as follows
​SKYDRIVE Inc. Video


Saved by Zen practice and use that wisdom to innovate the world

The opportunity to create the innovation course, zenschool

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Founded Zen 2.0, the world's largest international conference on Zen and mindfulness from Kamakura

Miki , the founder of enmono, developed depression after experiencing restructuring due to the Lehman shock in 2008, and with the experience saved by the practice of "Zen", Zen 2.0 was used as a "thank you" to Zen with his friends. Founded.
The international conference, which was initially started with four people, has grown into the world's largest international conference on Zen and mindfulness in five years. With this success, we realized that the transformation of the mind by practicing "Zen" could bring out the potential of human beings, and we are incorporating that essence into this school of innovation.

Please see in an interview from the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation TIP * S, why many innovations are created from zenschool through the practice and dialogue of zazen.

Why is it from Kamakura?

  In the era of Corona, the world economy is entering a completely uncertain era. This was exactly the same as in the Kamakura period, when war and epidemics were widespread.

Hojo Tokiyori, the leader of the time, prepared his spirit in such a turbulent era, thought that "Zen" was necessary for his reign, and built a dojo specializing in Zen Buddhism in Kamakura. History has begun.


Headquartered in Kamakura, the "City of Samurai", we prepare ourselves to survive the turbulent times of VUCA. We will foster a new generation of true global leaders in the businesses we create.

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