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​Kumano x  Innovation

Now, attention is focused on Japanese Shinto. The reason was the time when Shinto was believed, and people could not survive without helping each other in a harsh natural environment. It was a time when people were in harmony with each other and helped each other. In that, nature was regarded as "God."

Until now, business has been a model of competing and competing for market share, but in the era of Reiwa, when the world situation changes drastically such as environmental problems, pandemics and wars, instead of competing, it is in the same way of thinking as Shinto. There is a need for a business that aims for harmony with eight million gods who are connected to each other.

In times of turmoil, business models that accumulate left-brain logic are reaching their limits. It is time to cherish Shinto values and regain the "Sampo good" business of coexistence and co-prosperity in Japanese.

Using the innovation-creating methods cultivated by zenschool, we rented a Kumano inn with a World Heritage Kumano Kodo to create a business that creates harmony, and meditation that walks in the magnificent nature of Kumano from early morning. It will be a plan to carry out innovation and business creation by borrowing ancient Japanese wisdom while preparing the spirit through dialogue and dialogue.

​Why is innovation in Kumano?


Developed over a decade to create endogenous motivational innovators like Steve Jobs
True Innovation® Theory-based program

This program was born out of a 10-year trial-and-error process of eliciting intrinsic motives within an individual through mindfulness meditation, thorough self-disclosure, and deep dialogue. , It is operated based on the original innovation theory "True Innovation®" theory.

​ Through thorough self-disclosure, we will hold a reflecting talk in a place of absolute psychological safety. After that, we take out the product concept based on the intrinsic motivation, make a business plan, make a prototype and realize it. By following up on the extracted concept through a dialogue with us, we will implement the organization and promote commercialization within the business entity of the company.

zenschool master

Koji Miki
  Kouji Miki
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Representative of enmono Co., Ltd.

After working at Fujitsu Limited, he graduated from Keio Graduate School with a doctoral degree credit, and has been a part-time lecturer at Mie University and a part-time lecturer at Kobe University Graduate School. After working as an executive of an IT venture, he established enmono in 2009. After experiencing an unbalanced mind with his own restructuring, he started zazen at home and then recovered from the current company until it was founded.
Held an innovation course " zenschool " at the town factory to support the in-house development of many town factories. As a personal "thank you" for being helped by "Zen", he plans and manages " Zen2.0 ", an international conference that sends "Zen" and mindfulness from Kamakura to the world together with other founders. Established a general incorporated association in April 2018, and became a co-representative director of Zen 2.0 along with other colleagues. His books include " Let's Start Micro-Manufacturing " and " True Innovation that Changed Employee Awareness through" Zen-like "Dialogues" .

Shigeru Utsunomiya
Shigeru Utsunomiya
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Director of enmono Co., Ltd.

After graduating from Doshisha University, after 18 years of experience in production engineering at Suzuki Co., Ltd., after working as a production engineering section chief at the town factory, joined NC Network, a small and medium-sized manufacturing support venture, and met Miki. Therefore, he was engaged in sales support such as selection of prototype manufacturers and parts procurement as a manager in charge of production technology and procurement.

After that, in 2009, he started enmono Co., Ltd. with Miki. From the experience of facilitating an idea idea workshop called a power generation conference for two years, he has strengths in extracting ideas for in-house product development.

Schedule / tuition fee



Schedule adjustment after summer
​ * This is a 6-month program . It will be a three-day intensive lecture and a follow-up program for subsequent practice.

Tuition fee

* If you cancel, a cancellation fee will be charged, so please be sure to check the cancellation policy before applying.
​ * Please pay the food, transportation, and accommodation expenses separately (the guest house price is 7,000 yen per night, and the business hotel is around 9000 yen per night) .
  • Split: 30,300 yen / month (excluding tax) x 12 payments​
  • One-time invoice payment: 360,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Credit card: 350,000 yen (excluding tax)



​ 5 minutes walk from Kumanoshi Station

Rental space Kinomori 666-5 Kinomotocho, Kumano City, Mie Prefecture 519-4323
Rental space Kinomori room
Dialogue near the waterfall
Rental space Kinomori room
Meditation walking in the forest



Special Program

Meditation in Otankura
Dialogue at Akagura Shrine

Intensive lecture day 1

14:00 Introduction to True Innovation
15:00 Self-disclosure on mind map
16:00 Move to guest house "Akakura"
16:30 Arrive at guest house "Akakura"
17:00 Supper
18:00 Self-disclosure on mind map
19:30 break
20:00 Self-disclosure on mind map
21:30 End

Intensive lecture day 2

05:00 Get up
05:30 Move to Otankura (in fine weather)
05:50 Meditation work in Otankura (in fine weather)
06:30 Move to Akagura Shrine
06:45 Meditation & Dialogue at Akagura Shrine
07:30 Breakfast
08:45 Check out the guest house "Akakura"
09:30 Meditation & Exciting Treasure Hunting
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Continued exciting treasure hunting
17:00 Then visual work
19:00 Supper (lunch box)
20:30 Move to business hotel
21:00 Business Hotel Check-in

Intensive lecture day 3

05:30 Get up
06:10 Move to Oma Shrine
06:30 Meditation work in front of the waterfall
07:30 Business Hotel Check Out
08:00 Visual work with Kinomori
12:00 end


Presentation time is 10 minutes + Q & A 10 minutes. Unlike a normal business plan contest, you can gather people who sympathize with the business on the spot, do team building, and take "temporary orders" from participants for products and services that you are immediately interested in on the spot. We have prepared a mechanism like this.
In addition, we ask all participants to sign a confidentiality oath so that their intellectual property will not be leaked to the outside.

follow up

Follow-up will start immediately after the recital. For the next 6 months, we will follow up on the progress of the business online or in Kamakura using zoom for about 1 hour every month.
During this follow-up period, some graduates can significantly pivot their business or earn a budget to grow significantly.
In the actual commercialization, we also have you appear in owned media operated by our company as promotion support.
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121st MMS (from dialogue)
enmono  Did you have any problems as a company because you contacted us?
Kajikawa      There are a lot of challenges, but I went through another well-behaved seminar, and I didn't know what to do, but I couldn't see the next development, so it was just an experience. So I said, "I will participate" because it's okay if it doesn't work.
Fujita Corporation
Representative Director Kajikawa  Takako
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After graduating from zenschool, the developed lunar rover YAOKI will carry out Japan's first lunar exploration in 2021 on the lunar lander Peregrine of NASA's lunar transport mission.
(*) The YAOKI project has been adopted by TOSHIN Start Up Design and will be promoted in partnership with Toshin Seisakusho. Mr. Ishihara, CEO of Toshin Seisakusho, is also a graduate of zenschool, and the collaboration between the graduates led to such a feat.
Daimon Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Nakajima  Shinichiro
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After the reamer shock, the company that became the representative will be rebuilt, and in the 2020 Corona disaster, the representative will be handed over to the successor, aiming to become a master of dialogue using VR.​

Honmachi BASE Project Manager
Heart Beat Square Aya Seki (Irodori) Master Masataka Ohno
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