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Saved by Zen practice and use that wisdom to innovate the world

The opportunity to create the innovation course, zenschool

Founded Zen 2.0, the world's largest international conference on Zen and mindfulness from Kamakura

Miki , the founder of enmono, developed depression after experiencing restructuring due to the Lehman shock in 2008, and with the experience saved by the practice of "Zen", Zen 2.0 was used as a "thank you" to Zen with his friends. Founded.
The international conference, which was initially started with four people, has grown into the world's largest international conference on Zen and mindfulness in five years. With this success, we realized that the transformation of the mind by practicing "Zen" could bring out the potential of human beings, and we are incorporating that essence into this school of innovation.

To create an endogenous motivational innovator like Steve Jobs

A program based on the True Innovation® theory developed over 8 years

This program was born out of a 10-year trial-and-error process of eliciting intrinsic motives within an individual through mindfulness meditation, thorough self-disclosure, and deep dialogue. , It is operated based on the original innovation theory "True Innovation®" theory.

Through thorough self-disclosure, we will hold a reflecting talk in a place of absolute psychological safety. After that, we take out the product concept based on the intrinsic motivation, make a business plan, make a prototype and realize it. By following up on the extracted concept through a dialogue with us, we will implement the organization and promote commercialization within the business entity of the company.




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zenschool master

Koji Miki
  Kouji Miki
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Representative of enmono Co., Ltd.

Joined Fujitsu Limited. After earning a master's degree in policy and media from Keio University, he went on to a doctoral course, served as an IT venture officer, and was restructured due to business deterioration. I started zazen every morning to recover from the shock. Started offering "zenschool", an innovation management method that utilizes mindfulness, based on the experience of meditation for one's own mental care and ideas for new businesses through zazen. Reported in "The Dawn of Gaia" in January 2016. In September 2017, he presided over "Zen 2.0", Japan's first international mindfulness conference, at Kenchoji Temple in Kita-Kamakura, and received high praise from domestic and foreign speakers. Held for five consecutive years, it has grown to become the world's largest international conference on Zen and mindfulness. We are working to make Kamakura a mindful city where Zen and IT are fused.

Shigeru Utsunomiya
Shigeru Utsunomiya
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After graduating from Doshisha University, after 18 years of experience in production engineering at Suzuki Co., Ltd., after working as a production engineering section chief at the town factory, joined NC Network, a small and medium-sized manufacturing support venture, and met Miki. Therefore, he was engaged in sales support such as selection of prototype manufacturers and parts procurement as a manager in charge of production technology and procurement.

After that, in 2009, he started enmono Co., Ltd. with Miki. From the experience of facilitating an idea idea workshop called a power generation conference for two years, he has strengths in extracting ideas for in-house product development.



The venue for zenschool will be a room in "Wakaian" in Zaimokuza, Kamakura.
​ Details will be given only to those who take the course.





Special Program


Pre (the day before)

  • Check-in (14:00)
  • Preliminary questionnaire
  • Overview of True Innovation
  • ​ Team building
  • Supper (19: 30-22: 00)

DOJO (Intensive Lecture)

  • Walking meditation (in case of fine weather, meditation in rainy weather) -Breakfast
  • Mindful Meditation-Exciting Treasure Hunting Chart-Dialogue (also using VR)
  • lunch
  • Business Story :, Storyboard, Press Release
  • Business plan template explanation
  • Lecture ends (21:00 will end early depending on progress)


Presentation time is 10 minutes + Q & A 10 minutes. Unlike a normal business plan contest, you can gather people who sympathize with the business on the spot, do team building, and take "temporary orders" from participants for products and services that you are immediately interested in on the spot. We have prepared a mechanism like this.
In addition, we ask all participants to sign a confidentiality oath so that their intellectual property will not be leaked to the outside.

follow up

Follow-up will start immediately after the recital. For the next 6 months, we will follow up on the progress of the business online or in Kamakura using zoom for about 1 hour every month.
During this follow-up period, some graduates can significantly pivot their business or earn a budget to grow significantly.
In the actual commercialization, we also have you appear in owned media operated by our company as promotion support.


​Developed lunar exploration robot and contracted with NASA
The lunar rover YAOKI developed by the company founded by Mr. Shinichiro Nakajima, who graduated from zenschool, will carry out Japan's first lunar exploration in 2022 on the Astrobotic lunar module Peregrine. .. Raised a total of 100 million yen in sponsorship .
(*) Participated in NASA's monthly transportation mission CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services) for the first time in Japan.
(*) The YAOKI project has been adopted by TOSHIN Start Up Design and will be promoted in partnership with Toshin Seisakusho. Mr. Ishihara, CEO of Toshin Seisakusho, is also a graduate of zenschool, and the collaboration between the graduates led to such a feat.
​Moon exploration rover "YAOKI" video
Providing services to famous foreign-affiliated companies
​Zen Eating, which was founded by Momoe, who graduated from zenschool, provides services to people all over the world, including famous foreign-affiliated companies.
  ​ Click here for Zen Eating.
​The dialogue with Momoe who asked about his thoughts at zenschool is as follows
Interview video
​Raised 5.7 billion yen for flying car development
SKYDRIVE Inc. , which was founded by Tomohiro Fukuzawa, who graduated from zenschool, has raised a total of 5.7 billion yen for the development of "flying cars" and is working toward practical use.
  ​ Click here for SKYDRIVE Inc.
​The dialogue with Mr. Fukuzawa who asked about the development process and thoughts is as follows
​SKYDRIVE Inc. Video

Date & Fee

Schedule / tuition fee


After the three applicants have been confirmed, we will adjust and decide the schedule of the course.
​ * This is a 6-month program . It will be a two-day intensive lecture and a follow-up program for subsequent practice.

Tuition fee

* A cancellation fee will be charged after the course schedule is confirmed, so please be sure to check the cancellation policy before applying.
* Transportation, accommodation, and food expenses to the venue are not included , so please bring your own .

300,000 yen (excluding tax)

Card payment, invoice payment, installment payment



A:旅の日程に関しては3名の申込者が確定した後、みなさまの日程を調整させて決めさせていただきます。2日間連続での開催ですので、上京する回数を抑え、交通費の負担を減らすが可能です。 終了後、6ヶ月のフォローアップは、毎月1回、zoomを用いて行います。1回のフォローアップは1時間程度です。 フォローアップのタイミングに関しては、毎回、皆様のご都合を調整の上、開催させていただきます。

We Base鎌倉

ご職業もスマホアプリ開発者、大手メーカー出身SE、中小企業診断士、コンサル、中小製造業など様々です。​ これまでの企業経験で培ってつきたコアスキルは、今後のシフトを興すときに大切な資源になりますので、年齢をつんでスキル豊富な方はより有利に働きます。

A:旅(プログラム)は、2011年から12年間をかけて開発されたTrue Innovation®」というフレームワークに基づき開発されています。このTrue Innovation理論に関して知りたい方はこちらへアクセスしてください。また、書籍「True Innovationも購入できますので、よろしければ参考にされてください。

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