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After graduating from the 11th term of zenschool, zenschool Tama is mainly a sole proprietor and Takahata, the representative director of SOB Innovation Partners Co., Ltd., which has grown the company that started a business to 120 million yen in annual sales in two years. It will be held as an introduction program of "SOB-ARUJI", which is an entrepreneurial support program for those who are working for a company that is about to start a business.

zenschool master

Koji Takahata
Koji  Takabatake
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Representative Director of SOB Innovation Partners Co., Ltd.

Representative of Source of Benefits

zenschool 11th gen

TAMA Prototype Network Operating Member After graduating from Nihon University College of Economics, opened in 2016 after working at a major office service provider, dispatching company, and Tama Town Factory, and established SOB Innovation Partners in 2017. In particular, in the Tama manufacturing industry, which handles precision equipment manufacturing / control panels, he oversees sales / personnel / purchasing / production management as a managing director, achieving a triple performance. The muddy sales strategy and tactical construction techniques that improve the performance of any small company, and the business matching method that connects deep needs and compensates for resource shortages have been well received in the region. Currently, we are proceeding with the establishment of a co-creation platform "Tamashian" that connects local "manufacturing" and "making things" that create added value. We are trying to create a new business model through manufacturing. Participated in zenschool Tama with the aim of transmitting a lot of excitement and new value standards from Tama to the world and bringing happiness to local businesses.

Schedule / tuition fee



After the third applicant is confirmed, we will adjust the schedule of the course and decide it.

Tuition fee

You can choose to pay the tuition fee by bank transfer or credit card. After the course schedule is confirmed, a cancellation fee will be charged, so please be sure to check the cancellation policy before applying.
  • One-time invoice payment: 360,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Credit card: 350,000 yen (excluding tax)
* VISA, MasterCard, Rakuten JCB
* Part of the tuition fee will be subsidized by SOB Innovation Partners for qualification holders of the "SOB-ARUJI" program.


to be decided





Day 1: Team building (12h)

1. Introduction to micro-manufacturing

You will acquire the basic knowledge of micro-manufacturing that you will learn at zenschool.

2. Ice break

We will hold an ice break for zenschool students and instructors to get to know each other.

3. Exciting Treasure Hunting Chart

As a starting point for product planning, let's take out the excitement using the exciting treasure hunting chart.


Day 2: Meditation-Product Concept (12h)

1. Meditation with chair meditation

Meditation by chair meditation is performed as an introspection method to take out excitement.

2.  Exciting Treasure Hunting Chart

Excitement Use the Treasure Hunting Chart to extract excitement.

3. Concept sheet

From the excitement taken out, drop it into the concept sheet.

4. Business story

From the excitement taken out, we will spin a business story using a storyboard or the like.


Day 3: Crowdfunding-Business Plan (12h)

1.  Video example

We will discuss the video examples posted on crowdfunding and analyze the factors of success and failure.

2. Press release

Learn about press releases as a media strategy to focus your attention on projects listed in crowdfunding.

3. Consideration setting / cost accounting

Learn about pricing. (Price strategy and costing)

4. Sale

Introducing direct marketing, Amazon fulfillment, Google Analytics, etc.

5. Business plan

Fill in the business background, concept, positioning, business model, etc. on the business plan sheet (presentation material)


Final result presentation

1. Rehearsal

We will rehearse carefully before the announcement.

2. Achievement presentation

Presentation time is 15 minutes + Q & A 15 minutes. Unlike a normal business plan contest, you can gather people who sympathize with the business on the spot, do team building, and take "temporary orders" from participants for products and services that you are immediately interested in on the spot. We have prepared a mechanism like this.

In addition, we ask all participants to sign a confidentiality oath so that their intellectual property will not be leaked to the outside.

Follow Up

12 months: Follow-up

Follow-up will start immediately after the recital. For the next 12 months, we will follow up on the business progress of graduates online using Google Hangouts for about 1 hour every month. During this follow-up period, some graduates can significantly pivot their business or earn a budget to grow significantly. In the actual commercialization, we also have you appear in MMS as promotion support. (MMS: Dialogue program with micro-manufacturing practitioners and supporters)


Consulting as needed

Consulting menu
  • In-house product development support (micro-manufacturing support)

  • SME crowdfunding donation acquisition support

  • New business creation consulting using exciting treasure hunting charts

  • Production engineering support

  • Procurement / purchasing support

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