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zenschool Toyota City

~ From intrinsic motivation by True Innovation® theory
It is a school that creates a business of "what you really want to do" ~

Actual introduction

Held results: 22 people

December 2016 1st term 5 people
October 2017 2nd term 4 people
January 2018 3rd term 4 people
September 2018 4th term 4 people
November 2019 5th term 3 people
December 2019 6th term 2 people

Student product examples

Phase 1 Aisaku Co., Ltd. Yuji Imai
(Excerpt from the dialogue)
Miki: At zenschool, we make exciting treasure hunting charts, but before that, we think about new products with the technology that we have with that excitement when we meditate for about 10 minutes and remember when we were 10 years old. What kind of excitement came out at that time?
Imai: In my case, I was thinking about when I was 10 years old during meditation, and I'm sure that it came out suddenly until the upper grades of elementary school and junior high school. I remember that I went to Kyoto or Nara with my friends and went around the temple ...
Miki: Was that really exciting?
Imai: That's right. It popped out and I wrote it first. As a memory of what I liked when I was 10 years old, my strengths and areas of strength are assembling large equipment, so by combining the fact that I have various assembly technologies, I first made a Buddha statue from waste materials All in all, the story of why not try it. Speaking of waste materials, there are various things such as iron plates to vinyl tubes, but I took them back to the company, but it was different from the image, and when I investigated various things, I thought that paper craft could be made into a three-dimensional shape. Actually I liked it so it's connected, and if you make it with aluminum, you can make a big one with strength, if you make it with aluminum, the surface is shining so you can reflect it like a mirror ball That was the image, and when I first searched for it, there was a paper craft of this Ashura statue on the market, so the first step was to borrow it and make it once. I wondered why I chose the Ashura statue among the Buddha statues, but when I went to elementary school, the one I liked the most was the Ashura statue at Kofukuji Temple, so I liked it the most. I wanted to do this first.
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