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Creating new businesses
Based on Zen philosophy in the Metaverse

​Development of a lunar exploration robot and contract with NASA
YAOKI, a lunar rover developed by a company started by zenschool graduate Shin-ichiro Nakajima, will carry out Japan's first lunar exploration in 2021 aboard Astrobotic's lunar module Peregrine. A total of 100 million yen was raised in sponsorship.​
Movie of YAOKI, the lunar exploration rover
Raised 5.7 billion yen for the development of flying cars.​
SKYDRIVE Corporation, founded by Tomohiro Fukuzawa, a graduate of zenschool, has raised a total of 5.7 billion yen to develop a "flying car" and is working towards its commercialization.
SKYDRIVE Corporation Movie


From the birthplace of Japanese zen

    With the advent of the Age of Corona, the world economy has entered an era of total uncertainty. This was exactly the same as in the Kamakura period (1185-1333), when warfare and epidemics were also rampant.

 The leader of "Samurai" at the time, the regent Hojo Tokiyori thought that "Zen" was necessary to regulate his own spirit and reign over the world in such a confusing time, and founded a dojo specialized in Zen Buddhism in Kamakura, which marked the beginning of the history of Japan's samurai society.


 Our company is headquartered in Kamakura, the "City of Samurai," and we are cultivating a new generation of true global leaders in the business of creating the After Corona era through zenschool based on the True Innovation® theory, which introduces Zen thinking to prepare one's own mind to survive the chaotic era of VUCA.

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Business Creation in the Age of After-Corona

What are the mental abilities required for business creation in the post-Corona era?

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  This program incorporates the essence of consciousness transformation that led to the founding of Zen2.0, the world's largest international Zen and mindfulness conference from Kamakura.

  The founder of enmono, Miki, experienced the loss of his job due to restructuring after big economical shock in 2008, experienced emotional depression, and was saved by practicing Zen.

 In five years, the international conference, which started with four people, grew to become the world's largest international conference on Zen and mindfulness. Through this success, he realized that the transformation of the mind through the practice of Zen has the potential to bring out the potential in people, and has incorporated the essence of this into this school of innovation.
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A program based on True Innovation® theory developed over nine years to create intrinsically motivated innovators like Steve Jobs.

Metaverse  accelerates innovation.

Using the metaverse space (VR) workspace provided by Spatial Inc, we will be using zenschool VR.


We will have a deep dialogue around the fire in a metaverse space provided by Spatial Inc.

(VR headset will be provided as a standard rental.)

 This program is based on True Innovation®, a unique theory of innovation that was developed through nine years of trial and error since 2011, through mindfulness meditation, thorough self-disclosure, and deep dialogue to uncover the intrinsic motivation within individuals. 

 During "zenschool Kamakura" or "zenschoolVR" (VR headset rental included), participants will have a reflective talk in a place of absolute psychological safety through thorough self-disclosure. After that, we will extract a product concept based on intrinsic motivation, make a business plan, and create a prototype to realize it. By following up on the extracted concepts through dialogues with us, we will implement them in the organization and commercialize them in the corporate entity.


    Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus, the global economy has entered an era in which the future is completely uncertain. What is required in such an era is the ability to notice one's own physical senses, make accurate judgments, and act accordingly.


  These abilities include the ability to focus on the task at hand, the ability to be compassionate and understanding of team members' minds and emotions, the ability to make decisions based on one's own physical senses, the ability to be resilient even in high-stress environments, and the ability to create new things from scratch. Creativity is the ability to create something new from scratch. 

The True Innovation® Theory is a unique theory for innovation that has been repeatedly practiced and developed through trial and error over the nine years of the zenschool® innovation program.
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Jugyuzu (The Ten Oxen Pictures), which has been handed down from generation to generation for over a thousand years, shows the path to enlightenment through ten pictures of cows. 

We discovered that this pattern is very similar to the pattern of mental change in people who initiate innovation, and systematized it as "True Innovation" Theory.



zenschool® develops the potential of participants.

 At zenschool, we use True Innovation® theory to uncover the "potential" of each student through dialogue with them. At the same time, we use mindfulness meditation to extract intrinsic motivation, and by combining "potential" with "intrinsic motivation," we are able to extract a business concept.

 Potential is the ability that you think is not so important. However, even if you think it is not a big deal, it is an excellent ability from the point of view of other people. By combining your superior abilities with what you truly want to do, you can create true innovation.

Ms. Kajikawa, president of Fujita Corporation, and our representative, Mr. Miki, at the Factory Art Museum TOYAMA, a metal museum created with funds raised through crowdfunding.

What We Do

Our secret?

The secret of zenschool?


Do not give students "answers".
(Don't deprive them of the opportunity to become aware of their own)

 Most of the students who have been doing contract work are able to provide solutions when given a challenge, but none of them are able to find the challenge themselves.

   By declaring that we, the instructors, will not give them answers, the students themselves will begin to ask themselves questions in order to find their intrinsic motivation (what they truly wanted to do).

    By doing so, they gradually become able to set their own tasks. As a result, they will be able to find their own original challenges and create solutions (products/services) for them.


   At zenschool, we give knowledge, but we never give "answers.
In developing our own products/services, the "answer" is something special that lies within each individual.
In the course, we will do mindfulness meditation and then use the "Exciting Treasure Hunting Chart" to thoroughly explore what excites each participant.


 The instructor and participants will thoroughly discuss how to turn the "intrinsic motivation: what I really wanted to do" into a product/service using the company's own technology. The participants will learn how to approach their own products/services, which could not be their own affairs in the imaginary case study, as their own products/services to realize their own "excitement".

 After the final presentation of the course, you will be able to practice web marketing and gain market recognition by raising funds for the development of your product/service by posting it on crowdfunding sites operated by our company. We have published a book about these processes.

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