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A program to acquire the intrinsic motivation that is essential for business in the Reiwa era

IAP: Insight Acceleration Program

~ Former Murakami Residence – Kamakura Mirai Lab – Accelerate Business from Intrinsic Motivation ~

(Limited to 12 people)

8/28 (Wednesday)

A program for business owners to accelerate business from intrinsic motivation will be held at the former Murakami Residence-Kamakura Mirai Lab.


■ Details
"Open innovation" I think many people have heard this word. This concept of open innovation is an innovation model advocated in the United States more than 20 years ago. Now, Japanese companies are desperate to introduce this "open innovation" 20 years after the United States. However, it is said that many innovations that rely on external information are almost unsuccessful.
"Corporate open innovation Why idle?"
To summarize, it can be summarized that the business people involved in open innovation were working with extrinsic motivation, not with intrinsic motivation.
So how can you work on your business with intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation?
To answer this question, we would like to propose a method that we have been working on since 2011 and have achieved good results.
Since 2011, we have been running a school "zenschool" for small and medium-sized business owners to create their own original business.
As of July 2019, there are 152 students, and 1/4 of the graduates are creating businesses with intrinsic motivation.
Until 2018, it was held in Tokyo, Toyama, Osaka, Toyota City, etc., but from 2019, we have been developing a program in Kamakura that can take out even more intrinsic motivation.
And this time, we have started to provide the program.
The outline of the program is as follows.
◯ Gong meditation
What is Gong Meditation?
Gong to rest your brain quickly
Gong has long been a tool used in ceremonies and religious events in various countries and cultures. It is said that the origin of the buddha dates back to the time when the buddha was born.
The sound of a gong leads us to a deep meditative state by simply lying down and entrusting our mind and body to it. The sound transmitted to the brain sinks the work of the left brain and activates the work of the right brain. In addition, the sound of Gong shifts the brain wave from the beta group to the α group, theta wave, and the delta group, leading to a deeply relaxed state of the brain, recovering from fatigue of the brain and body even in a short time, and adjusting the autonomic nerves. It is also said that there is.
For some people, the deep meditation experience through the sound of the Gong connects with the subconscious and eliminates past trauma and trauma.
Gong's work on the body
It is thought that when we break down our bodies, organs, and individual cells into small pieces, we end up with tiny small elementary particles. And each of the elementary particles vibrates finely. It is said that the disturbance of the frequency (frequency) leads to various mental and physical problems, and the environment where the computer and communication line are constantly in contact, and the busy modern age where a huge amount of information is unknowingly processed every day. It can be said that our lifestyle is in an environment that is prone to such problems.
Our body is made up of about 70% water. There is a rule that sound travels faster in water than in air. Therefore, the sound of Gong also spreads to every corner of our body and works to restore the disturbed frequency to the original frequency. We think this is the reason why after experiencing Gong Meditation, we feel that not only our head but also our body is clean.

Flow of the day and time schedule



Wednesday, August 28
9:30: Check-in (in charge of Miki and Utsunomiya)
10:00: Gong meditation and team building (in charge of Ogawa)
12:00: Eating meditation (in charge of Miki)
14:00: Exciting Treasure Hunting Chart / Reflecting Talk (Miki / Utsunomiya)
16: 30-17: 00: Summary & Checkout (Miki / Utsunomiya / Ogawa)
18: 00-20: 30: Social gathering at different locations

Cost: 38,000 yen (excluding tax, lunch included)

Lecturer introduction

Koji Miki
  Kouji Miki
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Representative of enmono Co., Ltd.

Joined Fujitsu Limited. After earning a master's degree in policy and media from Keio University, he went on to a doctoral course, served as an IT venture officer, and was restructured due to business deterioration. I started zazen every morning to recover from the shock. Based on the experience of meditation for one's own mental care and ideas for new businesses through zazen, we started to provide "zenschool", an innovation management method that utilizes mindfulness. Reported in "The Dawn of Gaia" in January 2016. In September 2017, he presided over "Zen 2.0", Japan's first international mindfulness conference, at Kenchoji Temple in Kita-Kamakura, and received high praise from domestic and foreign speakers. We are working to make Kamakura a mindful city where Zen and IT are fused. In June 2018, the first single book "True Innovation" was published.

Shigeru Utsunomiya
Shigeru Utsunomiya
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Representative of enmono Co., Ltd.

After graduating from Doshisha University, after 18 years of experience in production engineering at Suzuki Co., Ltd., after working as a production engineering section chief at the town factory, joined NC Network, a small and medium-sized manufacturing support venture, and met Miki. Therefore, he was engaged in sales support such as selection of prototype manufacturers and parts procurement as a manager in charge of production technology and procurement.

After that, in 2009, he started enmono Co., Ltd. with Miki. From the experience of facilitating an idea idea workshop called a power generation conference for two years, he has strengths in extracting ideas for in-house product development.

Mana Ogawa
Mana Ogawa
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Born in Tokyo in 1985 and raised in Yokohama. Since he was a student, he has a strong interest in "drawing out the potential of people" and joined Intelligence (currently Persol Career) as a new graduate, engaged in mid-career recruitment and career change support business. After that, as a head hunter at Tiglon Partners, an executive search firm specializing in the financial industry, he mainly supports search and career change in the asset management industry. From the desire to support people's potential with various approaches other than "change of job", in September 2011, besides the main business, "Your" want to be "is fulfilled" community Girls Bee was launched and started operation as a representative. .. In collaboration with Girls Bee alone, companies, foreign embassies in Japan, and celebrities, we are developing various programs that will help women realize their "wants to be". By 2018, the program will be operated not only in Japan but also in Singapore and Bali, and the total number of participants is close to 1000. From April 2015, I will move to Singapore as a base for my life and work in order to fulfill my "I want to be". Although he has no experience of living abroad before moving to Singapore, he participated in the Singapore office of the American research company Guidepoint Global as a project manager. From March 2018, we started the wellness self-care brand Mana & Co. Independent from October of the same year. Lifework is to support people to live by maximizing their original potential.




Former Murakami Residence-Kamakura Mirai Lab-
2-8-22 Nishimikado, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0004
Get off at JR Enoden "Kamakura Station" Get off at Keikyu Bus "Kanazawa Hakkei Station" and walk 5 minutes on foot
(*) Please contact us when using a taxi.
Contact: 090-4221-0957
(Good Neighbors Co., Ltd.)
Dialogue space
Noh practice field for gong meditation
Workshop space
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